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Our philosophy

Handmade in Vienna. With love & only the best ingredients.

All cakes and pastries are lovingly handcrafted and baked at Landtmann's fine patisserie. Our master confectioners love their craft and the good old recipes of the Viennese pastry cuisine. Only the best ingredients are suitable when it comes to the preparation. The quality of our products is a matter of honour for us. After all, we personally check our coffee houses daily to see that everything is as perfect as it should be. Landtmann's fine patisserie is also a place of creativity where new sweet delicacies are constantly being developed. At the same time, we are open to exciting input, for example in the field of product design. Because "Tradition is not the worship of ashes, but the preservation of fire." We find this beautiful quote, from the composer Gustav Mahler, to fit perfectly with the philosophy of Landtmann's fine patisserie.


As always

All our sweet delicacies are handmade and made with classic ingrediences from old recipes.

Old family recipes

With new touch

No matter if apple strudel, croissant, Mozart, Esterhazy or nut cake - the old Viennes dessert tradition is upheld in „Landtmann’s fine Patisserie“.

Highest quality

In every piece

Taste, handcraft and quality. This is what our cakes and desserts stand for - convince yourself!

The ingrediences

Only the best for you

Our sweet delicacies are made out of fluffy pastry, dark chocolate, spicy bourbon-vanilla, delicious apples, berries and apricots.