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Original Viennese apple strudel

Our house specialty.

It was with homemade apple strudel that our patisserie once started to be successful. The yardstick is particularly high for this classic from the Viennese pastry kitchen. In many Austrian families it was and is excellently prepared. In yours too? Then you absolutely must try our original Viennese apple strudel. The original recipe comes from the imperial bakery, Hofbackstube, at Schönbrunn. To this day, it is treated with awe by our master confectioners. Of course, the strudel dough is stretched out very thin by hand. The apple strudel is filled with tart homegrown apples, butter crumbs and raisins soaked in rum. The combination of delicately crispy dough and juicy filling in our original Viennese apple strudel is a dream come true.

The Original Wiener Strudel Show

Visit our bakery in Café Residenz.

When you visit Schönbrunn castle, take the opportunity to see the unique Strudel Show live. Every hour on the hour our confectioners give you a demonstration of their skills. Watch live as they draw out the strudel dough so thin that you can read a newspaper through it. At the end of the show you can of course taste the freshly baked Apple Strudel. By the way the Strudel Show is an ideal destination for a company excursion.

to the Strudel Show

Apple Strudel Baking Course

Would you like to challenge your grandma?

Was it your grandma in your family who baked "the best Apple Strudel in the world"? Maybe you can remember the ritual then. Stretching the strudel dough which became ever thinner and bigger before your very eyes. Don't you feel like trying it for yourself? With friends for example or with your mum or even as a cosy company event? Under the supervision of our confectioners you can learn the art of drawing out the strudel dough, prepare the juicy filling and listen to all sorts of anecdotes about Apple Strudel. It will be a happy occasion that culminates in the smell of your freshly baked strudel and of course in the tasting of it.

To the Baking Course