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Discover Landtmann's fine patisserie

Handmade cakes and pastries. Viennese confectionery tradition at its best.

According to Loriot, we assure you: Life without delicious cakes and pastries is conceivable, but pointless. Or as we always say as a coffee shop propietor-family: For a special moment of pleasure in life, man undoubtedly needs a fine Viennese pastry. It's best to come and see for yourself and get immersed in our world at Landtmann's fine patisserie.

It is seductively sensual, diverse and irresistible and yet easy to conquer. Enjoy our freshly baked cakes and pastries daily at all our coffee houses, order directly from the online shop or visit the cake shop of our patisserie in Alt-Erlaa. Welcome to Landtmann's fine patisserie.



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